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LC Mobili, Italy

Nowadays, LC Mobili is a large furniture company with a wide range of products: Dining Room Sets, Wall Units, Sideboards and TV stands, Curios and Showcases, Kids Furniture and Bedrooms. However, the story of the Italian modern furniture company, LC Mobili, began in 1988 with the production of contemporary glossy lacquered furniture mainly for the North American market. Later, the demand for living room and bedroom furniture increased in Europe too. So, the company expanded its range also to the European markets, and in particular to the German speaking markets.

Mr Lorenzo Campanelli, the founder, devotes lots of his time to the modern furniture design center, where the prototypes of bedrooms, living rooms, wall units, bar furniture and china cabinets are developed. Now, LC Mobili operates on a surface of 35,000 square meters, 26,000 of which are indoor. LC Mobili Spa has about about 200 employees and controls commercial companies in Italy, Germany, Holland and Sweden.

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